The day before the 6hr hike. We arrived to the cold Valley around 3am in the morning to catch a camping spot at the Camp 4 campgrounds which was a first come first serve bases. The campground opens at 6am and there is usually a line starting as early as 4am. Luckily nobody was in line yet so someone out of the group had to set up a sleeping arrangement right in front of the office outside the pitch black freezing cold. I gladly volunteered as they slept warm and cozy in the parking lot.

Got a spot and made some good ol breakfast.

Did a warm up hike and ventured out to the valley.

The Calm before the Storm.

Little did we know what we were about to get into. One person in this photo did not make it to the top of Half Dome. ( he who shall not be named)

When you hear an alarm go off in the forest in the am you know its business.

The climb from morning to evening

8,839 Feet HIGH!

Austin on the very top of Half Dome overlooking the Yosemite Valley. 

Ants on a rock.

Much needed rest after a 6hr hike.

The view behind Half Dome overlooking Clouds Rest. The homie Rico ( far right )

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